San Antonio Automobile Dealers Association Debuts New Name

San Antonio Automobile Dealers Association debuts new name to highlight services for consumers

(San Antonio, TX) September 18, 2017 – The San Antonio Auto Dealers Association now has a new look and a new name. The organization will now be known as SA Auto Dealers, or SADA for short. As part of the new brand roll out, SADA is focused on building greater public awareness about who they are and what they do, and how they serve the San Antonio community.

“We wanted our name to be more relevant to our mission,” said Rick Cavender, Board Chair for SADA.

“We’re not only a business association, but also an association that supports and serves our community. It’s important for people to know that we’re a resource who can help them through general vehicle-related questions, whether that’s when they are buying a car or down the road when they have questions about safety protocol or vehicular laws.”

Comprised of 105 members from area auto dealers, SADA is a resource for consumers looking for general information on lemon laws, vehicle registration, safety regulations and other topics of interest. Additionally, SADA produces the annual San Antonio Auto & Truck Show, promotes continued education for all of their members, is dedicated to public awareness on motor vehicles issues, and advocates for auto dealers and their employees in San Antonio and surrounding areas.

“Vehicle usage is an important part of our community that affects just about everyone.” said Pam Crail, President for SADA. “SA Auto Dealers is a network who cares for the needs of those in the automotive industry as well consumers who have questions and concerns. We work diligently to educate and advocate for the needs of people who work in this industry and are served by it.”


Numerous consumer resources and more information about SA Auto Dealers can be found at

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About SA Auto Dealers

SA Auto Dealers is comprised of franchised new car and truck dealers from San Antonio and the surrounding area who are committed to educating and advocating for those in the automotive industry as well as those who are served by it. SA Auto Dealers serves consumers looking for vehicle-related information, promotes continued education for employees in the automotive industry, advocates for dealers and their employees, and promotes public awareness on issues related to motor vehicles.